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Electrically heated ironing table, thermostat-controlled. Powerful built-in vacuum unit.
Model T1 is equipped with automatic 5-litre boiler, with direct water supply, controlled by a level switch and a solenoid valve. Steam supply for one or two irons.

Available optional extras
• Water pump
• Iron connection unit
• Connector for two irons (model T2)
• Steam spotting gun
• Air/steam spotting gun
• Heated, vacuum waistband form
• Heated, vacuum sleeve arm
• Support for vacuum form
• Stainless steel spotting arm
• Iron balancer with support
• Overhead light with support
• Iron balancer and overhead light with support
• Three-phase wiring on T1 and T2
• Vacuum/blowing unit (on models T and T/GFV only)
Technical data
Table top dimensions cm. 118x40
Point width cm. 22
Table top height cm. 92
Power supply V. a richiesta
Stainless steel element for the boiler W. 3000-3900
Iron heating element W. 800
Sleeve or waistband form heating element W. 250
Overhead light W. 36
Pump motor W. 350
Table heating element W. 750
Vacuum motor W. 450
Maximum electric absorption A. 22
Water inlet connector rac.ø mm 13
Vacuum exhaust connector ø mm 110
Width cm. 158
Depth cm. 55
Height cm. -


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